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After completing the above free NYS Notary Public practice exam you should have had a good example/sample of what to expect on the NY Notary Public exam date you select to walk-in to take the state exam..  This practice exam was updated by the New York State Notary Association instructors in October 2016.

We will be posting new fee sample New York Notary Public practice exams / tests in the future.  If you are studying on your own please be aware that this is just a small sample of what they can ask when you take the actual NYS state exam.

The good news is that the NYC Notary exam is the same as the Albany, NY exam...likewise it is the same in Buffalo, Binghamton. Rochester, New York City, Syracuse, Albany, Long Island, Plainview, Hauppauge, Franklin Square, Newburgh, Utica & Plattsburgh.    We are aware that there are over 100 different Notary tests they could use at any given testing location on any given date.  The Notary Association has developed a data base of approximately 250 core key exam questions items that could be the topic of your 40 question, multiple choice exam.  By spinning off these 250 core statutes the state can come up with thousands and thousands of questions to ask on the exam.

One common question we get when people call us at (347) 427-909 is this...."Are these the exact questions on the exam?" By now we hope it is obvious to you that nobody can give you the exact exam questions without cheating!  We do however teach the law in a conversational manner with imagery which stimulates and engages your critical thinking.  This trains you to answer thousands of variations in the questions.  Remember....this is a multiple choice NY Notary Exam...not a fill in the blanks exam!  We train you to recognize the right and answers so that you do not need to memorize too many things.

Don't panic...our students of average intelligence usually finish it in just  20 minutes!  

If you are ready for our data base of electronic practice exams...please consider starting our NY Notary on-line course today!  It will be a much quicker and much more enjoyable way to prepare for the Sate Notary exam and we guarantee your result.  That is more fun!

Just an important word of caution for you.  Honestly.....we have had countless students that used free resources on-line that were out dated and generic...meaning not specific to New York Statutes.  They failed miserably...and were astonished when they used our training.  See the testimonials of people who used our on line NY State Notary Public classes in the links above.

Why Is Your NY State Notary Public Exam Prep Course The Best One Anywhere?

Let's be honest here.  This is the training portal for the New York State Notary Public Association.  There are dozens of internet marketers out there that are selling pure garbage...targeting unsuspecting people... based on key word analysis for internet searches.  In other words... they are throwing up generic Notary Public info from other states that do not even appear as questions on the NY State Notary Licensing Exam!  One thing for certain is that Every state has different statutes and laws...so subsequently you can only pass the NY State Notary Public exam by mastering critical thinking about NY State Notary Public Statutes.

We have had over 26,000 students prepare for the exam and take our free practice exam samples since 2002.  That means we get a ton of feedback from people that have attempted and failed the Notary Exam in New York State.  Guess what?  Thousands of people fail the exam miserably (60%) when they have either purchased a cheap or misleading notary study program...or they self studied.  We have less than 1% of our students repeating the exam because of failure.  While other websites have copied that statistic and post it for marketing purposes...they would be hard pressed to prove it if ever challenged!  How can we prove it then?  We have a GUARANTEE that you will pass your first attempt at the NYS Notary License Exam.  Less than 1% report failing and are given a FREE repeat on this training.  The less than 1% students admit they did not review properly the way they were instructed...or life events like a work emergency or death in the family interrupted their schedule and delayed the time from completing our online NY Notary Licensing Class....to when they decided to sit in on the Walk-In State Notary Exam.

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Why are we creating accurate and free sample NY Notary Practice exams for you?  Why will give you no-cost continuing education after you pass the State Exam and are licensed for life?  Why is continuing education so important to me once I am licensed as a NY State Notary?  Why should you take free practice notary exams...and then sign-up for the recorded Online NY Notary Public Licensing Classes?  These are all great questions....so lets answer them...shall we?

We are providing practice exams here so that if you are self studying or have purchased another study program...you might come to realize that you might not have prepared thoroughly enough and might have fallen prey to an internet marketing scheme. Remember...60% fail.  Of course we wan't you to purchase out best in class training to fund all the other free things we do for you as a life-time commissioned Notary Public!  Would you like to know when new laws are published that you must obey or run the risk of losing your license; being sued for Civil damages; Get accused of, "Official Misconduct" and potentially get convicted of a Class A Misdemeanor?
If you answered YES....than do not expect New York State to notify you once your licensed.  

Why would they (NY State Division Of Licensing Services)  not notify you?  Because it costs money to notify you!
We provide a free membership in the NYS Notary Association which includes a monthly video newsletter with new law updates, refresher training and discounts on supplies.  We also keep you abreast of political events that might be important for you to know about.  For this very reason we have elected to not to file as a Non-profit Organization. Take the class so you can pass the exam easily and then participate and network with all the other NYS Notary Public State Officers.  You even get a free hotline you can call during normal business hours to ask procedure questions while in your place of employment!  None of those other online notary class websites want to know you after they get your money.  We are with you for life! 

NY Notary Public Practice Exams & Notary Training Portal

                Free Sample New York Notary Practice Exam

 (Updated November 2023)

This is just a sample of what can be asked on the NY State Notary Exam. The answers are provided by clicking on the link below the practice exam... so you can see how you did.  You  need 70% correct (28 of 40 correct) to pass this NY Notary Public practice, sample exam.  You have one hour to complete this multiple choice test.  We suggest you take a blank piece of paper and number 1-20 on the left side...and then number 21-20 down the middle.  There is a 60% Failure rate on the NY state notary public license exams. Do not be discouraged.  If you would like to have over a 99% chance of passing the first try....and would like to spend 1/10th of your precious time studying...take our
online recorded class now!

After taking our online exam prep course ...Our students finish the whole thing in an average of 10-15 minutes!  OK...Write down your start time and begin!

1)  If a Notary refuses to notarize an affidavit presented for NY notary Mobile services.  What is the potential maximum jail sentence?

     A. One month.

     B. Three months
Six months.

     D. One Year

2)  The notary certificate of a witness to the execution of a real estate conveyance is called

      A.  Qualified resident.

      B.  Official Character

      C.  Proof certificate

      D.  None of the above

 3)  Which of the following is in the requirements to become a Notary Public in New York?

      A)  Be at least 18 years old.

      B)  No special education or common school level

      C)  Be a resident and or a qualified non-resident resident

      D)  All the above.

4)  If a Notary moves to another state but still works in N.Y.S. he/she:

     A)  Will pay an additional $15 out of state fee

     B)  No longer is qualified

     C)  Must get NY driver's license

     D)  Still is a qualified non-resident-resident".

5)  Which of the following are errors a notary can make that will not make the foregoing instrument get unrecorded?

    A)  If the Notary Public was purporting to be a notary but was not licensed.

    B)  If the Notary Public commission was expired.

    C)  If a New York Notary notarizes in another state.

    D)  All the above.

6)  If your neighbor you know asks you to notarize an affidavit you must?

    A)  Administer an Oath of office.

    B)  Administer an Oath & fill out the Jurat.

    C)  Require a government issued, photo identification.

    D)  Do a Protest for Non Payment certificate.

7)  What is the name of the location where the Notary notarizes something?

    A)  Protest for non-payment

    B)  Venue.

    C)  Affidavit

    D)  Mobile Notary

8)  Which of the following activities may a non-attorney Notary perform?

    A)  Explain to people what they are signing.

    B)  Make a certified original certificate on a government document photocopy.

    C)  Contracts of marriage within NY State borders.

    D)  Administer an oath of office for a military officer.

9)  What is the County Clerk fee for a certificate of Official Character?

    A)  $200

    B)  $5.00

    C)  $11.00

    D)  No charge because it's a free service to the general public.

10)  Which of the following acts can be performed by a Notary Public on Sunday?

    A)  Certified original certificate of government doc photocopy.

    B)  Affidavit

    C)  Someone's signature to their own will by non-attorney notary.

    D)  A contract of marriage

11)  What is every instrument in writing, except a will that transfers real estate interests?

    A)  Conveyance

    B)  Escrow

    C)  Vendor receipt

    D)  Duress

12)  Latin name for the words, "Sworn to before me this _______ day of ______".

    A)  Pro Se

    B)  The Oath.

    C)  The Affirmation.

    D)  Jurat

13)  What is a New York State Notary Public conflict of interest?

    A)  Knowing the affiant personally.

    B)  When you like somebody.

    C)  When the document is from your company.

    D) Legal Consideration

14)  A deponent is?

    A)  One named in a will to carry out the provisions.

    B)  The testimony of a witness taken out of court under oath/affirmation.

    C)  An agreement.

    D)  Someone ordered to a hearing out of court called a deposition.

15)  What is the notary fee for a protest of non-payment?

    A)  .75 cents for the first one and .10 cents thereafter limit of 5

    B)  $25 for unlimited within 24 hrs.

    C)  $5 for the original and .50 cents per copy.

    D)  $10 with a limit of 7.


16)  What is the name of what a Notary places below the Notary signature?

    A)  Seal

    B)  Stamp

    C)  Statement of Authority

    D)  Certification 

17)  Who approves the appointment of a Notary Public?

    A)  The name appointed under and no other.

    B)   County Clerk

    C)  Secretary of State

    D)  Town judge where the Notary resides

18)  What is the fee for changing name for marriage purposes and updating the State?

   A)  The maiden name change fee $10

   B)  Free for anyone changing names for marriage purposes.

   C)  $5 to update the database.

   D)  $12 one-time fee


19)  Who must be with a bank employee to witness the terminated lease opening of a an abandoned safety deposit box?

   A)  A police officer or Sheriff.

   B)  A bank officer or employee of the lessor.

   C)  The lessee.

   D)  A Notary Public

20)  Who can translate a deed into another language to be filed in a NY County Clerk?

   A)  Translator with certificate of designation by the county judge.

   B)  Translation certified expert by Translators Society of USA.

   C)  Affidavit service magistrate.

   D)  All the above.

21)  What can happen to a notary for doing something illegal or with malfeasance?

   A)  Can be summoned to a N.Y.S. tribunal hearing for license revocation.

   B)  Can go to criminal court as a defendant.

   C)  Can be sued for $ damages in Civil court.

   D)  All the above.

22)   What do the two witnesses to a will sign?

   A)  The witness approval proof certificate.

   B)  Attestation clauses

   C)  Identity verification form

   D)  The affidavit

23)  What is Chattel?

   A) Beef stock certificates.

   B)  Personal property such as household goods or fixtures.

   C)  The Latin word for Jurat

   D)  The damages paid for wrongful Notary Public Fees charged by a Notary Public NY

24)  Who issues certificates involved in various Notary Public procedures?

   A)  The county clerks offices.

   B)  The Secretary of State's offices.

   C)  The Notary Public.

   D)  All the above.

25)  What is an Executor

   A)  A document that verifies a Notary's authority.

   B)  The placing of an instrument in the hands of a person as a depository.

   C)  The one named in the will to carry out the provisions of a will.

   D)  An instrument that modifies an already existing will.

26)  What is the fee charged to a person for an affidavit at the County Clerks Office?

   A)  $2.00

   B)  $2.00 for each original signature witnessed.

   C)  .75 (cents) for the first one and .10 (cents) for the second one.

   D)  Notary services are free during normal business hours.


27)  What is the maximum jail sentence for a class D Felony?

   A)  seven years

   B)  1 year.

   C)  Three years.

   D)  There is no maximum sentence.

28)  What is the maximum sentence for class A misdemeanors?

   A)  1 year.

   B)  5 years.

   C)  Probation for 3 years.

   D)  6 months in jail.


29)  What is the maximum sentence for a Class E felony?

   A)  Four years.

   B)  7 years.

   C)  3 years.

   D)  There is no limit…the judge can do what he/she decides is fair.

30)  What is the mandatory sentence for a class D felony convictions?

   A)  4 years.

   B)  seven years.

   C)  3 years.

   D)  There is no minimal sentence because the judge decides.

31)  What is the sentence for Class 2X felonies?

   A)  There is no 2X felony. 

   B)  Class D felony 2nd offense 3 to 7 years.

   C)  Class E felony 1st offense 3 to 4 years.

   D)  The District attorney will decide with the judge in private.

32)  What is an Apostile?

   A)  Something certified for international use.

   B)  A Notary application.

   C)  Class D felony.

   D)  The administrator of a will appointed by the court.

33)  Where is the Notary Public Law located?

   A)  The Public Officer's Law aka Notary Public License law

   B)  At the local library

   C)  The County Clerk's Hearing offices

   D)  The County Clerk's authentication office.

34)  What was completed by a County Clerk when issuing an, "Authentication Certificate" and charging a $3 fee?

   A)  Verified the voter registration.

   B)  Verified the Notary Public signature is authentic.

   C)  Certification of the Notary Court involvement.

   D)  All the above.

35)  Which of the following is, "Professional Misconduct"?

   A)  When a Notary does something while aware it is not a correct procedure.

   B)  Notarizing knowing there is a fake ID involved.

   C)  When the Notary makes a mistake and does the wrong thing.

   D)  A & B

36)  Which of the following people can hold the office of Notary Public?

   A)  A County Sheriff.

   B)  A former Commissioner of Deeds for NYC who was removed from office.

   C)  A & B above.

   D)  A convicted felon.

37)  Can a Notary who is also an officer of a corporation notarize for her own corp.?

   A)  No

   B)  Yes for employees and even fellow corporate officers.

   C)  Yes but only if she is not a party to the instrument individually or as a Co. Rep.

   D)  B & C above are both correct.

38)   Who has some limited rights to practice law as a non-attorney?

   A)  Law students after 2 semesters and have not failed bar exam 2 times.

   B)  Prevention of cruelty officers.

   C)  You practicing law for yourself only.

   D)  All the above.

39)  What is required for an indictment for perjury on an affidavit?

   A)  Affiant saying "I do" or words of like meaning after the oath is read.

   B)  Affiant nodding head yes.

   C)  Affiant putting thumb print in designated box on form.

   D)  All the above.

40)  What is "Laches"?

   A)  A device to lock a Notary logbook safely away from the public.

   B)  getting too many parking tickets.

   C)  The delay or negligence in asserting one's rights in court.

   D)  None of the above.



Did you score 28 correct? You need 28 of 40 to score 70 percent.

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