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NY Notary License Requirements


Why should I become A New York State Notary Public?

Save your job, get promoted, enhance your resume and learn how to save your company thousands of dollars! When you are licensed you can make documentation policy suggestions at your job, then when implemented can protect your company from painful litigation and thousands of dollars!  No matter who you are, your resume is not complete without this useful business credential. The words Notary Public jump out off your resume at your interviewer!  The license is Good for the rest of your life. Turbo-Charge your resume today.  it's not that hard and you don't need any special education to qualify.  This course will take care of the exam.  As we are all too painfully aware we live in an ever increasing litigious society especially in New York. This is why all business offices in both the private sector and government agencies NEED at least one Notary in their offices to keep up with the increasing demand to have things notarized promptly. Being able to say, I am a sworn Public Officer of the State of New York not only impresses your current or prospective employer as it also feels good to serve the public and gives your good name more credibility.  It's nice to be able to assist those around you wether at home, in the office or from the road.

Is there a GUARANTEE that your course will work?

YES... We  guarantee that you will pass the exam the first time you take it or you can have the course again   FREE when you show us a failed slip.  That means you can keep taking the course for FREE for life  if  you  fail.  This  sounds  generous  but it is actually shrewd because less than 1% of our students request to repeat the course for free!  Our students are so very successful due to the fact that our study materials given out at the end of the class are unsurpassed... as are our seminars... where the students often clap in appreciation at conclusion.!   (click on  testimonials).

What are the general requirements to be a N.Y.S. Notary Public?

First pass the state exam which 99%+ of our students do!  If for any reason you fail the exam the class is FREE for you to repeat as many times as you need. You must be 18 years old; Live or just work in New York State; Have no recent Felony convictions; no special education required, and full US Citizenship is not required but Permanent resident Alien status (Green Card) is required. That generally means you have a green card or are already a U.S. citizen.   A valid, unexpired government photo ID (ie. driver's license) which has your signature is required along with a valid SSN (social security number).  Although New York Executive Law, Sect 130 says citizenship is generally required,  it actually is not  ever required because A 1984 Supreme Court decision, "Bernal v Fainter", declared that no state may deny a Notary commission merely on the basis of lack of citizenship.  To do so would be to deny a person legally working here of their right for a condition of employment.  INS issued greencards, without U.S. Citizenship are therefore accepted because Permanent Resident Aliens have their social security number for working status. N.Y.S. now says they accept Permanent Resident Alien applicants for Notary Public Commissions. 
When & where is the test given and when will I know how I did?
The exam is administered weekly or bi-monthly in the more remote areas of New York State, usually twice on the same day. Our students typically report receiving their Passed Slip within one week of the day they took the exam a remarkable feat of accomplishment for the Division of Licensing Services in Albany! The test locations in Southern NYS are on Wednesdays as follows:  Every Wednesday at 9:30am and again 11am  in Manhattan, Hauppauge & Franklin Square.  The exam is given two Tuesdays a month in Newburgh.  The Westchester testing location is closed as of January 2010. The schedules are given in class as they are posted by New York State here on the "State Exam Schedule" tab. See the exam page of this website for the entire state schedule.  Take the Notary Public Preparation class before walking in to the exam. Check the notary exam schedules page for updates.
What are the fees charged to my company sponsoring me or myself?
Value of course:  Class cost $77 online or $157 in person, which most employers pay because it increases the productivity of employees and saves them from painful, costly litigation as a result of the policy changes our trained Notaries will help employers institute immediately!  For individuals it can save your job and even get you promoted!  How much is that worth?  MORE THAN $77, much much much more. All credit/debit cards are accepted with a signed authorization from cardholder.  Checks/money orders are accepted.  No personal checks are accepted at the door but they are accepted through the mail in advance of the class.  Reschedules are free unless it is within three days of the event in which case there is a $20.00 fee to re-set the food and beverage which hotel charges in advance (we provide continental breakfast at all events.)
The exam preparation workshop fee is $157.00 ($177 for Walk-ins with no reservation) if paid in advance of the class date. Seating is limited and approximately half of all seminars are filled so we must charge $207.00 for walk-ins at the door and those seats can not be guaranteed. Your exam fee on the day of the exam (not same day as workshop) is $15.00 payable to Department of State.  Your application/renewal fee due every 4 years is $60.00 paid to your County Clerk. If anyone fails the exam they may repeat the course for free until they pass.  Less then 1% of our students repeat  (see testimonials.)  On-line recorded seminars are available here for only $77.00
How effective is this course for the students who take the exam?
From the statistics we have been able to acquire approximately 45% to 50% of the Notary Public candidates that take the NYS exam fail it the first time they take it. They use the entire 1 hour allowed for the exam. Of our students surveyed 99% pass the exam the very first time they take it and complete the exam in 15-20 minutes as a result of taking the course!  Don't take our word on it...click on the student testimonials link & see for your self.
What's the exam like?
The exam is a 40 question multiple choice (A, B, C or D) exam that you have one hour to complete.  Sometimes there are a few True/False questions but not always.  You must score 70% correct, in other words you need 28 of 40 questions answered correctly to pass.   You will answer the questions by filling in the circles with a No. 2 lead pencil on the answer sheet which will be graded by a machine. The exam is based entirely on questions regarding the NYS statutes as outlined in the Notary Public License Law book which we give you a copy of at the workshop.  We lecture for 5 hours reading through the entire law book with you on a giant screen with an overhead projector. You will highlight the key points in the law that enable you to answer the questions on the exam.  Our students typically report finishing the exam in 15-20 minutes! (See testimonials.)
Why should I insist that A licensed New York Notary Public prepare & teach my course?
This course is approved by the NYS labor department & the NYS CSEA, Partnership For Eduction & Training. There are many other courses out there that offer generic notary info but they are not taught by someone who has practiced  law in New York State. Every State has dramatically different laws. All of our instructors have been licensed in New York for at least 10 years and have teaching credentials. That is precisely why thousands of our students have passed at a rate of 99% the very first time they take the exam whereas approximately 50% or more of the people who have not had the benefit of our expertise fail the exam state wide. We constantly get students who have failed the exam after they took a workshop or purchased self-study materials that originated from an out of state organization that gave them the wrong information to study! These organizations try to teach the same basics all over the country and confuse the students with generic info not inherent to passing the N.Y.S. exam! There is only a Notary exam in NY, CA & FL. How can a New Jersey or California licensed instructor prepare you for a NY statutes exam as well one licensed in NYS?   Take this course only.

answer:  They Can't!

Why should I join the New York Notary Association (free membership) after I'm Licensed?
Join us on Facebook. The Association is a volunteer educational organization comprised of New  York State licensed Notary Publics only. The organization was founded to keep the notaries of New York State abreast of the ever increasing new Laws and  to fight  complacency  and  slipshod administration in  the performance of their duties as sworn public  officers.   Unfortunately the Secretary of State's office which we  are  appointed  under  does  not  have  a  service  for  its  licensed Notaries informing them when the laws have changed although we  notaries face criminal charges, civil penalties and loss of our license for violating these  very same  new  laws unwittingly. Our Association FREE membership can be accessed BY CLICKING-HERE.  Just create a free account there and then join the group: "NYS Notary Association". the Association sends a semi-annual newsletter updating its members on the laws they MUST KNOW  FOR  THEIR  OWN  PROTECTION  and  to  protect  the  general  public  we  serve.    The association also will use its membership lobby power in Albany to represent the concerns & needs of New York State Notaries.   National  Associations don't  addresses  any  of  the   N.Y.S. specific concerns.   Every state  has  their  own  unique statutes and New York's concern us.  This is the only free association.
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