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NY State Remote Notary Online (RON)

To get an e-notary, remote online notary (RON) license in N.Y.S., you must first get a traditional notary license by studying & taking a quick state exam.

If you still need the basic license Click-Here

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RON Remote Notary Software Approved In New York State

New York State Remote Online Notary (RON) e-Notary licensing allows you to charge $25 per signature(s) you notarize for people located outside our jurisdiction, anywhere in the world. CLICK-HERE TO GET THE NY e-NOTARY LICENSE, only if you already have the prerequisite Traditional Notary Public license.  When you get a RON license in New York State, your old license number is replaced with a new license that allows you to do both Traditional Notary & RON transactions.

Online Notary enotary licensing in New York State
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how to become a New York RON remote Online notary e-notary

Remote Online Notary (RON), e-Notary Licensing, Procedures and NYS Notary Association Certification is here! CLICK-HERE-TO-GET-STARTED