N.Y.S. Notary 12 Exam Testing Centers, Full Schedules 2024
You can take your New York State notary licensing exam anywhere in the state.  There are eleven (11) testing locations
​with walk-in exams, so go wherever you find it most convenient.  See the schedules and instructions below.

                       WARNING:  Follow the N.Y. Notary Licensing Exam scheduling procedure exactly as written!

THE ten (12) below N.Y.S. notary exam locations are all walk-in with no appointment as follows:
New York City, Syracuse, Pomona, Franklin Square, Hauppauge, Plattsburgh,
Rochester, Utica, Albany, Buffalo & Binghamton, Platstsburgh.

NY Notary Exam Schedules, Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Franklin Square, Hauppauge, NYC, NY2023 September, November, December
NYS Notary Practice Exams Classes

​​​Notary Public New York 2024 Classes Can Be Taken Online

​​Anywhere in New York State with 24/7 instant access for 30-days.  people who cannot get to a live event prefer this and it is also less cost because there is no facility to lease.  The comfort of your home or office whenever your schedule permits!

The live NY Notary Public Licensing classes are 5 hours long.  Food and beverage are included.  We host those on Friday mornings so the students can review what we taught them over the weekend before the state exams usually offered Mondays & Tuesdays following the weekend.  Scroll up to verify current locations & dates on this page! 

       You can take the exam at any of the 12 Test locations you choose to travel to.  Keep scrolling down until you find the location you desire!

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New York State Updated 2024 Notary Public Exam Schedules Plattsburgh, Pomona, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica
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NYC NYS NY New York Notary Exam Schedules 2024
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How To become A Notary Public N.Y.S. Classes


How To Become a Notary Public
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New York NY Notary 2024 exams schedules procedures instructions


​​How to become A Notary Public In New York State 2024 - FAQ's

The Below training video Is an old sample and is not the same video

in the actual course.  The actual course video has been updated

New laws are published by New York State every year, so

the course videos are continually updated!

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FREE NY Notary Public Exam Sample Practice Training Video

The below old sample video is one of the seven online training videos needed.

to prepare properly for the exam.  This is a sample. You can
not pass the exam with this alone and it is not updated, as the course is continually updated.


Learn all about the NY 2024 Notary Exam

Notary Exam, Application, certification and licensing Procedure

To become a Notary Public in New York State (N.Y.S.) you need to study for a 40 question, multiple choice exam.  You get 1 hour to complete the exam.  The students that have taken a NY Notary Association certified Notary training course usually report finishing their exam in approximately 15-20 minutes!  You need to study the NY Notary Licensing Law to pass.  there are also a few narrative questions with true/false options.  You need a 70% or 28 of 40 correct.

You must bring two (2), No. 2 lead pencils to fill in circles on the answer score sheet.  You read the questions from a test booklet that the State exam proctor hands out after the door to the exam room is locked.  Do not be late or you will not be admitted into the NY Notary exam!

Your "PASSED" slip from the Notary exam is mailed to you in about 1 week.  Congrats...you Did it!  You never have to take the New York Notary exam again because it is a lifetime commission renewable every 4 years...much like a driver's license.  

Is the Notary exam easy...well YES & NO.

Those people who attempt to study on their own fail at a rate of 60%, as far as we have been able to determine interviewing the students who came to us after failure.  YES. It is EASY when you have taken one of our Notary Classes or the Online Notary class because less than 1% of our students need to repeat the NY Notary exam preparation and re-take the exam.

After you leave the NY Notary exam testing center (see dates/times/locations above), your score sheet is graded the same day...but you must await the notification which takes about 1-week on average.  Next you go have your oath of office done.  You find a Notary Public who will administer the oath of office to you!  Of course this is a FREE service for a fellow Officer of the State of New york.  Congrats...You did it and your resume will be forever indebted to you!

When you ask the question, how do you become a Notary...the answer should always include a course approved by the New  York State Notary Public Association.

​​Revised NY Notary Exam Schedules FOR 2024 - Published Here Daily as State updates randomly.

EXAM SCHEDULES Are Now Being Published 4 month in advance.

                     NY Notary Public Licensing Exam Testing Dates, Locations, Qualifications & Procedures

If you have not studied for the exam yet, you can increase your odds of passing from 40% to 99%


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