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​​After you are commissioned as a Notary Public in New york State you will receive your license information.  This is required for having a Notary Stamp manufactured with you license information identifying you called, "your statement of authority".  Notary Stamps and seals are not always required in NY State however you can use a stamp and seal on every notary certificate you make.  The stamped info below the Notary Public's original signature (Statement of Authority) can be hand written, photocopied, facsimiled or stamped.  it must be in black ink.   The Notary seal/embosser in NY state is used in safety deposit box inventories at banks and Protests for non payment.   Sometimes different originating agencies of documents still require a seal and a Notary Public Certificate could be rejected for not having a seal.  Other states require a seal on be careful notarizing things for other states & Foreign countries that require seals if you do not own one. We drop ship and most orders are received in 5 working days or less!

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Raise your visibility and remind your management, co-workers & clients of your special value. You worked hard and got why not set yourself apart?  Looks nice on the, "I love Me Wall" of accomplishments at home too!  

​​  Black Color, 8" x 11" Notary Public License Wall Display                  Walnut Color, 8" x 11" Notary Public License Wall Display

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