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We offer live, 5-hour NYC Notary public licensing classes as well as online NY Notary Public classes for people who usually commute within the 5-boros of New York City, Long-Island, Westchester and NJ.  We do not offer a live class in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx because attendance will not support it, so those Notary Public Licensing candidates find it easy to take public transportation to our Mid-Town Manhattan Notary Public Licensing Classes training center.  If you are looking for a live class in White Plains/Elmsford, Plainview Long Island, Fishkill, Albany or Rochester please CLICK-HERE.  The NYC Notary Class sign-up form is below.

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We offer you Notary Classes online for several reasons as follows:

1)  Some people indicate that they are more technology prone and have a better learning experience online.

2)  People sometimes do not have the time available to attend the live notary Class or their employers do not approve time off.

3)  The online course is inexpensive (only $77 vs. $157 for the live notary license class.)
4)  They say that they need more time and like to see the lecture several times with our online, cloud based 24/7, 30-days access.
5)  English Second Language (ESL) students like to stop the videos and take notes while looking up definitions.

The reasons people demand to attend the live, in-person NYC notary classes are as follows:

1)  People do not have a high speed internet connection or a screen with speakers available to watch online.

2)  Half of our students say they can not learn on line and that they need an instructor in person to ask questions in person.

3)  Corporate students look forward to getting out of the offices for a refreshing and stimulating experience that breaks the routine of          sitting at a desk and watching their computer screen.
4)  Notary exam prep students indicate there are too many distractions at home or work to concentrate on the Notary Class.

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​The Producers Club - Crown Theater
358 West 44th Street
​New York, NY 10036
​9 AM to 2:00 PM

To get your New York Notary ​Notary Public license you will need to meet the following requirements:

1) 18 years old

2)  Permanent resident alien status.

3)  Have a residence or job address in NY State.

4)  No felony convictions without an Executive pardon or certificate of good conduct or release from the state.

​5)  Score 70% on the NYS Notary Public exam.  From the facts we have been able to gather from our students there is an estimated 60% failure rate on the NY State Notary exam weekly.  We have over a 99% pass rate for our students and guarantee you will pass. For the 1% of our students that fail we let them repeat the course for life until they pass the notary test.  It is a life-time commission as a New York State Officer with no more exams (like a drivers license).

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The Producers Club Theaters

358 West 44th Street
​New York, NY 10036

​9 AM to 2:00 PM


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Still have questions about the NYC Notary Public exam; the live notary class or the New York Online Notary class?

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After you take the live Notary class in Mid-Town Manhattan, or you take the NYS online Notary class you will be

given instructions to take your Notary Public Licensing qualification exam.  The NYC exam location for all 5-boroughs of New York City is as follows:

Varies on Mondays & Tuesdays

123 William Street

Second Floor

New York, NY 10038

In approximately 1 week the state mails your "passed slip" with instructions to complete your life-time commission as a NYS Notary Public.
This will have a $60.00 fee paid to the secretary of State.  You will then renew your Notary Public License every 4 years with no continuing education or testing ever again.  You will also receive FREE membership in the NYS Notary Public Association, which includes refresher training videos monthly and any law change updates as they are published by the Secretary of State, Division of Licensing services.