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Click on the Get Instant Access button above and start your class with 24/7 365 access hosted on a cloud platform.  watch the training videos and take the awesome and fun NYS Notary Public practice exams until you feel like you will actually enjoy your NY Notary exam!  That's right...ENJOY THE NOTARY EXAM in Binghamton, NY.

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Taking this online New York Notary Public Licensing Class will get you ready to ace your Binghamton, NY Notary exam as FAST as possible!

This Exam in Binghamton allows you 1 hour to answer 40 multiple choice questions.  The good news is our Binghamton exam takers finish the exam in an average of 15 minutes.  You only need 70% correct to pass so do not worry.  We also Guaranty you will pass the exam the very fort time you take it or you can have the course again for free.  Only 1% of our 46,000 students have had to do that since 2002 when the NYS Notary Association was established.  You get free membership with you class!

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If you are in Binghamton, NY  take the online NY State Notary Class 
​with 24/7 access for the fastest licensing method.

Binghamton, NY is a NYS city located in  Broome County, New York.  Our online NYS Notary Classes qualify Binghamton residents for delivering Notary Public services anywhere in New york State.

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