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Buffalo, NY - Erie County Notary Public Licensing Classes

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Meets The New York State Notary Public Licensing Requirements in Buffalo, NY

  • You must be 18 years old.
  • Permanent Resident Alien status.
  • No recent felony convictions and certain misdemeanors. (unless you have a certificate of good conduct).
  • No special education required.
  • Knowledge of the NYS Notary Public License Law.
  • Pass the 1-hr., 40 question Notary exam held in Buffalo, NY every week.
  • NOTE:  Our students typically finish the Buffalo, NY exam in 10-20 minutes!
  • NOTE:  Self-study people fail at a rate of 60%.  Our students pass at a rate of over 99% first try.

If you are in Buffalo take the online NY State Notary Class
​with 24/7 access for the fastest licensing method.

Price $77.00

The Buffalo, NY Notary public online course includes free membership in the NYS Notary Public Association. When you purchase the online class you will have  up to 80-days access.  Some students finish in 1-day.  Everything you need to get your Notary license in Buffalo (Erie County, NY). When you purchase the class you will receive three (3) emails as follows:

1)  Login credentials and a special link to the Notary Training cloud-based platform.

2)  Receipt for your records from PayPal.
3)  Membership opt-in form email.

NOTE:  If email is delayed check your spam file. Some email servers get delayed which is out of our control as the login credentials email is sent automatically when you complete your payment.  Thank you for your patience.

Buffalo NY Notary Online License Class
Here are the Notary Public Licensing Qualification Requirements For Buffalo, NY: