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Sent: Thu, Mar 10, 2016 10:33 am
Subject: Re: Online Notary Prep Course

Thank you so much for the extension due to my extenuating circumstances. Your course was wonderful and I did pass my notary exam on my first try and I would like to thank you for your amazing thorough online NY Notary class which taught me a lot about responsibilities of a notary and the different types of notarizations that occur. 

I mailed my pass slip and application along with my fee to Albany. They received it yesterday , and I would just like to know what steps should I take next to make sure I can notarize as soon as possible?
Thank you,

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​Hi Mike,

I took the test at 9 and believe that I did well. I loved your online course. You are hysterical!!!! I did great on all 5 quizzes and only got 4 wrong on the practice test on your website last night.

The state no longer allows pencils to be brought in. They supply the pencils. They encouraged checks over credit cards.  Newburgh now allows study materials to be brought in but I left mine in the car. No worries, I got to just sit and relax and "enjoyed the test!!!!"

You are the BEST!!!  Thanks again Mike. Have a great day!

Joy  7/7/2015  (Fishkill Class Attendee)


Hi Mike,

 Just wanted to thank you for everything! Passed the NY Notary test and it wouldn’t happened without your course. Happy 4th of July weekend!

 Natasha (May 2015 Online Student)


2024 NY State Notary Classes Are Available On-Line

If You Do Not Live Near Current Class Locations!
We apologize if the above Notary licensing seminars are inconvenient for your needs.

Please consider taking the online recorded NYS Notary Licensing Class for $77

How To become A Notary Public New York?

Get A NY Notary License Fast!

It is much easier to qualify for a New York State Notary Public License than most people realize.

Here are the requirements to get certified as a NY State Officer:

1)  Must be at least 18 years old.

2)  Must not have recent felony convictions...although you can be a convicted felon if you have a certificate of, "Good Conduct" from the parole board or a release from the state.

3)  Good moral character.

4)  Live or have a job in new york State.

5)  No special education is required as long as you can read and write.  This is called, "Common School Education" however you do not even have to have a H.S. GED!

6)  You do not have to be a U.S. citizen...however your need, "Permanent resident Alien Status" to qualify.

7)  You need to show you have knowledge of the New York State Notary Law by scoring 70% correct on a written multiple choice exam.  There are 40 questions on Notary you need 70% correct to be licensed if you meet all the requirements above.

From the statistics we have been able to gather there is approximately a 60% failure rate on the NY Notary Public exam when people do not take the NY Notary class first.  We have less than 1% of our students who need to repeat our class after they take the exam. 

As you can see the requirements are not that stringent.  You can be a convicted felon who dropped out of high school and does not live in N.Y. State or even is a U.S. citizen and still get licensed.  This shocks many people when we teach it in the class,  because these requirement laws can be exam questions... since they are all mentioned in the, "New York State Notary Public Licensing Law".

NOTE: Notary classes NYC sell out as the seating in NYC is limited to 40 people.  Enroll early!

Current Notary Training Class Event County Locations For NY Notary Classes:

New York City, NYC Midtown, NY West Side, Elmsford, Westchester, Plainview long Island for Suffolk and Nassau counties, Fishkill NY for Orange, Dutchess, Putnam and Ulster counties, Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton and others pending.  Online Notary Licensing classes are for qualifying as a NY State Notary Public anywhere you live or work in NYS (New York State).

If you do not live in an area where we provide NY Notary  Public Licensing Classes....or the dates and times do not work for your schedule...PLEASE CONSIDER CLICKING HERE TO TAKE THE NY NOTARY ONLINE CLASS.   It is an extremely effective class voted #1 by the students who tried other training sources that they frequently say...wasted their time and money.

If you still have questions about the New York State Notary licensing qualifying procedures... or still want to know how to become a notary in NY...please call toll free 1-(888) 353-2688!  All questions about taking NY State & NYC Notary classes and seminars will be answered.

NOTE: Recent NYC (New York City) Notary Classes have been sold out so we will be additional NY Notary Classes in New York City so please check back for the new seminar dates!  LIVE CLASSES HAVE BEEN CANCELLED SO CONSIDER THE ONLINE CLASS!


Please call (347) 427-9091  or CLICK HERE to fill out the inquiry form!

NY State Notary Licensing Classes Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island NY
New York Notary Public Licensing Classes Plainview Long Island
NYS Notary Public Licensing Classes White Plains Elmsford Westchester County NY

The Producer's Club New York City
358 W. 44th St.
, NYC 10036
​9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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This is the Notary Public application mailed after you pass the exam.  It is an affidavit with the, Oath of Office.

You will be swearing in for your lifetime commission as an officer of the State of New York. There is a $60 fee.